Linda Keller

Linda Keller

Professional experience

  • Bi-lingual, certified trainer and coach with over 20 years experience training and coaching employees and executives of all levels in industry, public management, insurance, IT and other business areas
  • Proficient in a variety of training methods for agile leadership / management coaching and organizational development skills (including Transaction-Analysis, Converstional-IQ, Systemic Consulting, Business-/ Transition Coaching, Management Constellations, Team Building, Intercultural Communication, Developing Cultural Competence)
  • Belbin accredited trainer
  • Self-employed since 1999, working for BGP since 2016
  • University lecturer for English, International Negotiations and Presentations, Intercultural Communication
  • Working languages: English (native speaker) & German

Core business areas

  • Intercultural and international management
  • International negotiations and presentations training
  • Career development: Transition coaching
  • Coaching teams and executives in their reorganisation- und change-processe
  • Team development and team coaching, working with/in diverse teams, and working with/in virtual teams
  • English business communication training for managers

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